Masters 2021 graduation

1 BAREKYE Alex 17/A/MBA/094/W M Agricultural Innovation Characteristics and their Utilization; A Case of National Agricultural Research Organisation. Completed
2 BASHAIJA Ismail Bosco 17/A/MBA/052/W M E-Banking and Performance of Financial Institutions in Uganda; A Case of Kabale District. Completed
3 KUJUNA Alexander 17/A/MBA/036/W M Completed
4 KYASIIMIRE Doreen 15/A/MBA/079/PG F Leadership Styles in Management of Employee Strikes in Selected Public Universities. Completed
5 MBABAZI Manniex 15/A/MBA/040/G M The Practice of Accounting Standards and Performance of Commercial Banks in Kabale Municipality, Kabale District – Uganda Completed
6 NDAYAMBAJE Denis 2018/MBA/1900/W M Adoption of ICT Banking Services and Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in Kabale Municipality; A Case of Equity and Stanbic Bank. Completed
7 NGABIRANO Julius 2017/MBA/022/W M Employee Retention and Organizational Performance in Uganda; A Case of Kabale District Local Government. Completed
8 NYIRATEBUKA Esperance 2018/MBA/1906/W F Access to Finance and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda; A Case of Selected SME’s in Kabale Municipality Completed
9 ORISHABA Shallon 15/A/MBA/077/PG F Customer Care Practices and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Central Division Kabale Municipality, Kabale District in Uganda. Completed
10 RUBAREMA Paul 16/A/MBA/104/W M Financial Resource Mobilisation and Accountability in local Governments of Uganda; A Case Study of Kabale District Local Government. Completed
11 RUTUNGANA Benon 2018/MBA/1836/W M Financial Accountability and Service Delivery in Local Governments in Uganda; A Case of Kisoro Municipal Council. Completed
12 SEMUSU Alex 1819/MBA/1901/W M Non – Performing Loans and Performance of Financial Institutions in Kabale District. Completed
13 TUMUHEIRWE Resty 15/A/MBA/069/PG F Completed
14 TUMUSHABE Peace 2017/MBA/026/W F Completed
15 TURYOMUNSI Ambrose 20181796 M Financial Accessibility and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kabale Municipality – Uganda Completed
16 BAGUMA Naboth Vincent 2019/MAPPM/1891/W M Completed
17 LIBERTY Christopher 17/A/MAPPM/085/W M Women Empowerment and Economic Prosperity in Uganda; A case of Kabale District. Completed
18 MFURANZIMA Guy Gael 20181564 M Information Communication Technology Usage and Natural Disaster Management; A Case of Kabale District – Uganda Completed
19 MUSIIMENTA Joan 17/A/MAPPM/006/W F Completed
20 NATUKUNDA Loy 2018/MAPPM/1809/W F Donor Supported Project and Community Livelihoods in Rubanda District; A Case of Echuya Forest Conservation Project. Completed
21 TUMURAMYE Lemegious 2018/MAPPM/1896/W M Completed
22 ABDULKADIR Mohamed Abdulkadir 17/A/MAHRM/106/W M Completed
23 AINEBYOONA   Alex 2018/MAHRM/1848/W M Career Development Programs and Employee Performance in Kanungu District Local Government. Completed
24 ASIIMWE Raymond 1819/HRM/1885/W M Compensation Packages and Employees Job Performance; A Case study of National Population Council, Kampala – Uganda Completed
25 ATYANGA Patrick 1819/HRM/1888/W M Human Resource Management Practices and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda; A Case of Ntungamo Municipality Completed
26 MBARAK Silima Khamis 17/A/MAHRM/003/W M Completed
27 MUHAMMED Dudu Isa 1819/HRM/1887/W M Training and Employee Retention in Microfinance Institutions in Rukungiri District, Uganda Completed
28 NKURUNZIZA Joshua 2019/MAHRM/1883/W M Completed
29 THEMBO Stephenson 17/A/MAHRM/033/W M Completed
30 AMPAIRE Sakina 17/A/MAPAM029/F F Revenue Management and Health Service Delivery in a Decentralized Framework of Ntungamo Municipality, Ntungamo District Western Uganda Completed
31 BAGUMA Batson 15/A/MAPAM/027/PG M Employee Motivation and Job Performance in the Public Service of Uganda; A Case of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Completed
32 BYAMUGISHA Kakuru Robert 16/A/MAPAM/043/W M Civil Society Organization Advocacy Strategies and Performance of Local Governments ; A Case Study of Kabale District. Completed
33 KISEMBO Julius 2018/MAPAM/1736/W M Decentralization and Primary Health Care Services Delivery in local Governments in Uganda; A Case Study of Kabale Municipality. Completed
34 MIZERO Conforte 2018/MAPAM/1621/W F Accountability and Performance of Local Governments in Uganda; A Case of Kabale District Local Government. Completed
35 MUGABE B.Emmanuel 2018/MAPAM/007/W M Local Government Administration and Rural Development; A Case Study of Ruhinda Sub-County Rukungiri District. Completed
36 MUHANGI Bernard 2018/MAPAM/1825/W M Community Participation and Budget Performance in Lower Local Governments in Rubanda District, Uganda Completed
37 NTEZIYAREMYE Moses 2019/A/MAPAM/094/W M Completed
38 TUSHEMEREIRWE Judith 2018/MAPAM/1737/W F Time Management and Organizational Performance; A Case of Kabale District Local Government. Completed
39 MUNYANZIZA Joseph 10/A/MADS/002/PG M Agricultural Projects and Rural Development in Rwanda; A Case Study of Urugaga Imbaraga in Musanze District. Completed
40 BIRUNGI B.K. Valentine 16/A/MPH/103/W M Complementary Feeding Practices and Associated Factors in Children Below the Age of 24 Months in Kitumba Sub-County, Kabale District. Completed
41 TWINOMUHWEZI Benja 16/A/MPH/019/PG M Factors Associated with Hand Washing Practices among Secondary School Students in Ndorwa East Constituency in Kabale District Completed
42 NSENGIYUMVA Venancio 16/A/MMED/076/F M Determination of The Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Practices of Health Care Providers in Four Health Facilities within Kabale Municipality. Completed
43 ODONGO Leo 16/A/MMED/070/F M Prevalence, Severity and Determinants of Menopausal Symptoms among Postmenopausal Women in Kabale Municipality. Completed
44 AHUMUZA Doreen 17/A/MAED/023/R F Completed
45 ASIIMWE Ivan Bagamba 2018/MAED/1811/W M Integration of Action Research in Teaching among Lecturers at National Teachers College – Kabale Completed
46 ATURINZIRE Asaph 17/A/MAED/018/W M Completed
47 BAKANGISA Isaiah 15/A/MAED/056/PG M Completed
48 BYARUHANGA Alex Muganda 2018/MAED/1833/R M Head Teachers’ Administrative Practices and Students’ Discipline in Selected Secondary Schools in Rushenyi County, Ntungamo District. Completed
49 KAMUSIIME Banshobeize Denis 15/A/MAED/050/PG M Completed
50 KATARIHERA Mark 17/A/MAED/039/R M Completed
51 KICONCO Medad 17/A/MAED/093/R M Completed
52 KISHEIJA Drake 17/A/MAED/021/R M Automatic Promotion Policy and Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Kabale Municipality Completed
53 MUSINGUZI Abert 17/A/MAED/061/R M Completed
54 NABAASA Wilberforce 17/A/MAED/057/R M Completed
55 NATUWHERA Alex 17/A/MAED/048/R M Completed
             56 TUHIRIIRWE Hellen 2018/MAED/1774/R F The Influence of Female Teachers’ Reproductive Health Experiences on their Job Performance in Selected Secondary Schools in Kabale Municipality. Completed
57 TURIHABWE Zinkubire Jones 15/F/MAED/111/PG M Completed
58 TUSHABE Perepetua 17/A/MAED/101/R F Completed
59 NUWAGABA Roland R 12/A/MAPPM/024/PG M Community Health Insurance Schemes and Access to Quality Services in Rural Areas; A Case of Kasaana Sub-County, Sheema District – Uganda Completed
60 NAYEBARE Christine 2018/MAPAM/1838/W F Decentralized Revenue Management and Health Service Delivery in Local Governments in Uganda; A Case Study of Kabale District Local Government.