Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

  • Programme Code: PGDBA
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Study time: Weekend
  • Intake: August


This PGDBA program is recommended to the middle and high level managers with a good undergraduate degree in any field. The course is designed to provide training in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Procurement and Logistics Management. The PGDBA program aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The PGDBA curriculum provides students with a comprehensive management education of globally recognized best practices with flexibility of their adaptation to indigenous entrepreneurial and societal context. Curriculum of the programme ascends from general management education to specialization in diverse business fields. Core courses taught integrate information and theories from various disciplines, including communication, economics, financial accounting, quantitative methods, business strategy, marketing, finance, organizational structure and strategic management and prepare the students to think critically about business issues in order to enable them to develop strategic level understanding and demonstrate comprehension of complex theoretical constructs in the major business disciplines and technologies. The increasing competition in the business sector calls for development of a human capital base equipped with managerial competences to deal with the global trends of contemporary business. [cm_show_info] The programme integrates the academic and research rigor with professional and corporate undertakings. Students are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the conceptual and practical aspects of Business Administration, which can spearhead Organizations’ sustainability and excellence. The programme has the following objectives which are achieved by the students at the end of it that shall:
  1. Develop the unique leadership qualities among the young students required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise.
  2. Develop students into broadly educated business managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations.
  3. Give the students a chance to bring together all of the theories, skills and tools studied during the program and integrate them into a learning experience that highlights the nature of competition and the kind of strategic maneuvering that must be done in order to succeed.
Overview The programme of PGDBA is a one year programme and is hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences. The programme consists of Course works & Examinations and all courses are compulsory to all students. The coursework shall consist of 10 compulsory taught courses while the second part will involve a project inform of an extended essay. Students who undertake the PGDBA and wish to upgrade to a Masters degree in Business Administration will only do dissertation and related methodology and compulsory second year courses.   [/cm_show_info]  

Entry Requirements

Applicants to the Postgraduate Diploma program must meet the general requirements for admission to Graduate Programmes set by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and Kabale University. Specially, applicants must possess the following:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree with at least lower second-class honors from a recognized institution; OR
  2. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes and at least two principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education(UACE) obtained at the same sitting.
  3. A professional qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized professional body.
  4. Working experience will be an added advantage.

Fees Structure

  • Tuition Fees per Semester (East African): UGX 725,000
  • Tuition Fees per Semester (Non East Africans): $400

Application and selection

Course details

Course Code Course Title LH TH CH CU
PGDBA6111 Financial  Accounting 45 30 60 4
MRTM8000 Research Methods 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6113 General Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6114 Project Planning and Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6115 Organizational Behavior 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6116 Management Information Systems 45 30 60 4
MCAR8000 Computer Applications in Research 45 30 60 4
Total Semester Load        
PGDBA6121 Financial Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6122 Business Law 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6123 Operations Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6124 Managerial Economics 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6125 Strategic Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6126 Marketing Management 45 30 60 4
PGDBA6000 Extended Essay/Project 45 0 4
Total Semester Load        

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